wedding invite2aMatt 22  The King and His Invitation

Not too long ago we were given a glimpse of a royal wedding via television. We had not been invited but for the moment pretend we were. What would your response have been? Would you have been astounded and excited that you would have been invited? Would you have accepted?

Jesus used the illustration of a royal wedding as his prop.  Notice the responses of the invitees when they received the invitation. Some said they would NOT come! They were indifferent and turned their back. But being a gracious king he sent a second invitation and this time they responded even more vigorously, I will NOT accept! Is that what you would have said or would you have been among the many who would have gone shopping to find just the right outfit to wear? Would you have taken time to get your hair and nails done? But see what Jesus said about this king;  he was furious that they said NO because he had spared no expense or the preparation.

There is a lesson here that Jesus wants us to glean. The king is God and He has a banquet prepared for his Beloved Son. He has spared no expense. As the King, he sent his only son so that no one would perish but have eternal life. You and I have been invited to come and celebrate! But, like many today some will say yes but many more will say no.

I wonder what your response would have been?

But then Jesus throws a conundrum into the mix. The banquet starts and the king finds an  interloper or intruder. Who is he? And why is he even there? Jesus wants us to see that he is like the world around us. They say  I will come to Jesus in my way. Remember the words of Jesus “I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life and no one comes to “banquet” except through Me. This is God’s invitation to you; accept Me as the Beloved Son.

God has invited you.

Will you come and celebrate or do you want to do it “your way?” 

Remember the intruder when this crosses your mind.

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