Mirrors; Makeup & Me

mirror and bibleMatt 23

The wicked queen stopped by her mirror each morning asking: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Obediently the mirror replied that she was …until one day the mirror said it was not she but Snow White. The queen became stark raving mad and sought to harm Snow White. That is a picture of what Jesus saw as he observed the self-righteous religious leaders.

The mirror of the Pharisees revealed knowledge but lacked compassion. When Jesus looked deeply into their mirror he saw the warts and pimples of their hypocrisy. And when they looked into the mirror and saw their image, they just piled on more and more makeup of flattering words, wide phylacteries and longer tassels to cover their hypocrisy rather than seek to correct the flaws the mirror revealed.

These religious leaders had blind spots and we have them too. God has given us His mirror, the Word of God. He can see beneath our visual image to who we truly are.  But too often like the man in James, when God reveals the truth, we just walk away and forget what we saw OR like the religious leaders we heap on more and more makeup to cover our flaws.

Let’s be frank: What does our – What does MY mirror reveal?

If it is self-exaltation then God will humble us/me and if the mirror reveals humility He will exalt us/me.