The Why’s of Life…

why-psalm 74Psalm 74 “The Why’s of Life”

Children are the most inquisitive of all people I have concluded! Spend a day with them and you will hear “why… why…and why?” Children want to know the cause and its effects.  Today in our reading we find that Asaph is no different! He is faced with dilemmas for which he seeks answers.

First he asks why God has rejected His people. If you have felt this way turn to the NT and hear Paul’s answer:  “God has not rejected his people, has he? Absolutely not!” [Rom 11:2]  Asaph is not alone. Listen to what a recent reader noted: “I’ve been thinking that I’d been rejected…God told me today that wasn’t true, I’ve been redirected.”

Then Asaph asks; Why are you angry with your people God? Do we sometimes ask God the same thing when life seems to throw us a curve ball?  Could it be that He is angry because we have sin in our lives and need cleansing? The answer? “If we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” [1Jn 1]

We, like the blind men we read about in Matthew 21-22 and John 9, need spiritual eyes to see and hear the lesson God wants us to learn.

Are you feeling rejected? Ask God to reveal His redirection plan for you!

Do you feel God is angry with you? Seek His face and His cleansing.