God Is….

Psalm 91 God isaI remember when I was little and I was scared I would find a place of refuge to wait until the storm passed. Where do you turn? Mine was a closet and books. I hid in them until the storm passed. The psalmist is no different yet when he faced the storms of life with no answer to all of his questions, he didn’t hide in a closet,  he reflected upon the names of God.

The psalmist knew God as El Elyon, Yahweh; El Shaddai; Elohim and Jehovah.

As El Elyon, The God Most High, the psalmist knew that by calling upon God as El Elyon he could find shelter in the midst of a storm that had sent its fury his way. He didn’t  just turn there but he chose to live or abide there. Jesus said;  if you abide or remain in Me, the vine, you will find shelter.

As the Sovereign One God is El Shaddai. He is the  All-Sufficient One, the Lord Almighty. He is the “I AM” who has great power. El Shaddai says trust Me, follow Me for I am immutable/unchangeable from yesterday to today and tomorrow. Therefore you can find rest in Me and in my protective shadow.  My shadow will hide you from the taunts and snares of the evil one.

As Lord; Elohim is Sovereign, the Mighty One over all. As we observe the heavens and the sunrise and sunset, the stars and moon we can know that all is well because Elohim is in control. He cares and He is steadfast to carry us through even the most difficult of times. He controls our every day and every circumstance. Nothing comes to us but filtered through His fingers.

No matter the name you use, know this: God is available 24/7 for us in contrast to the idols and false gods which are detracted from us unless we offer something to appease them. Jesus said, Come unto me and I will give you rest. [Matt 11]

Today as you face the unknowns, find your rest in Him.