Psalm 94 Dilemmas and Solutions

boy-When I come up against a dilemma sometimes I seek to find my own solutions. But, in reality, the best solution is to sit down and have a heart to heart chat with the Almighty.  I love this picture because it is saying, “Hi God, Do you have a minute?”

Conversations with God are not only helpful but often in times we don’t understand, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see the unbelieving through the eyes of God. Psalm 94 is what we might call a prayer and conversation as the writer voices his questions and his responses as he talks with God. He explains to God what he sees in the wicked and then as he does this, it dawns on him how often he too acts and thinks in the same way. That is why he writes:

“How blessed is the one whom you instruct/chasten, O Lord, the one whom you teach from your law,  in order to protect him from times of trouble, until the wicked are destroyed.”

God’s purposes are not like ours. Ours are temporal but God’s are eternal. He wants us to have open eyes to see the demise of the wicked in contrast to what He has planned for you as His child. He wants you to see the blessed eternal rest of the believing. Another psalmist noted that after he entered the house of God he was ashamed that he had even considered challenging God about why they seemed to prosper but he did not. In the end, he knew believers will not only enter the dwelling place of God but remain there in eternity.

Know this: you are beloved by God and He knows your frame. Trust Him.