Psalm 73 Asaph’s Dilemma/Conundrum timothy-eberly-the conundrum ps 73

Conundrum: a confusing and difficult problem or question

Asaph, who pens this chapter, offers us his view of life on two sides of a mirror; good and evil. Why and how do they exist?  Philosophy professor Eleonore Stump also tells of coming to know Jesus through studying the problem of evil and suffering. Reflecting on her own experience Stump writes:

“So, in an odd sort of way the mirror of evil can also lead us to God. A loathing focus on the evils of this world and ourselves prepares us to be the more startled by the taste of true goodness when we find it and more determined to follow that taste until we see where it leads.” [R. Alcorn “If God be Good; p128]

This is the same dilemma Asaph faced and how he too came to that same conclusion. He began with this observation: those without God seem to not suffer. He noted they were the haves and he the have not.

He asked what is wrong with this picture?  

Both Asaph and Stump faced God squarely in the eye. What they saw was the destiny of those whom the world calls good but God calls evil. Apart from the wisdom and understanding of God no one can rationalize it but in God’s presence they came to the same conclusion: God is the sovereign God. To know God is to know the peace that the world without God does not know.  Apart from God there is no destiny with Him in His presence after death.

Do you know Him?

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