Matthew 18 ‘Crown or Cross?”

We all seem enthralled by the Olympics. We covet the gold medals because in our culture winning is what people yearn for. They want to be first and sometimes at all costs. But, Jesus reminds us that being first is not God’s way and in fact to be the winner you must first be the loser. If you want to be first you must be a slave to all and to be like a child. That is not what the disciples wanted to hear and the world does not either. We want to know how to win! How to beat the odds! How to be head of the class! Jesus wanted to remind us that if we are not willing to deny self, pickup our cross and follow Him we are not worthy of being first in the kingdom.

However, we also must be teachable and not be children tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. We must not remain as a child in our thinking or behavior BUT we are to be childlike in our faith, attitude and our heart.

Too often, I am more concerned about the crown than the yoke and cross.

How about you? 




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