ImageThroughout the letters to the Thessalonians Paul identified two groups of people that made up the church:  St. Steadfast and St. Sluggard Sloth. St. Steadfast are the prayer warriors, the workers, enthusiastic, the church’s “Energizer Bunnies.” And then there are the St. Sluggard Sloths. These are the “shirkers” who take but do not give, and are, to use Paul’s words, unruly, undisciplined, idle, busybodies. They are always discussing work but never getting around to it. Paul has some strong words! St. Steadfast; separate and do not associate with St. Sluggard Sloth! In the first letter Paul admonished them to use discipline but now Paul says they have become like an infectious disease which if left untreated will affect work, countenance, and productivity. St. Sluggard Sloth’s are not your enemy but rather are in need of prescriptive help., Apply the ointment of tough love so that the body is whole not fractured. Wise counsel!

In Dr. Henry Morris’ blog post “When we Abide in Christ” speaks to St. Steadfast. He basically said: stand firm, endure, continue, and remain. Apply the ointment of abiding so that you are not infected by the “sloth disease.”

Father, help us to remain steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in the work You have chosen for each one of us. May we be discerning regarding the sloths in our midst and admonish them, encourage them, woo them back into the fold.


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