I, like Onesimus, was born into slavery – the slavery of the kingdom of the Prince of the Air who now rules this earthly kingdom—but freed from the shackles of slavery by the blood spilled Lamb of God who said “It is finished”— and the price was paid.

I  like the slave born into the household of the earthly master ran and ran and ran and in a time of turmoil  God directed my feet to encounter  a wonderfully aged couple and through this  encounter,I saw the truth and power of forgiveness that would change my heart and soul forever. In the prison cell  the slave Onesimus saw the one who was a former blasphemer and persecutor and arrogant against The Way but on the road to Damascus encountered The One who would reveal His mercy and grace. He  now joined this aged prisoner and went from being a willing slave of the evil kingdom to a bondslave of the heavenly kingdom; to serve Him willingly out of gratitude.  Before he was useless but now useful not only for this aged prisoner but also for his earthly master. I can relate!

Like the thief on the cross, Onesimus cried out to the Crucified One: remember me when I pass from this earthly kingdom into the heavenly one and heard this reply: I promise you will be with me in Paradise. Now with letter in hand, Onesimus returned to his earthly master. Will he be forgiven by him as he has been by the Holy Father? He will for now both the slave and the master are brothers redeemed by the Crucified Christ. The slave will serve with a renewed purpose and vision and the master will accept his service just as the Holy Father accepts ours for now it is a service out of love and compassion. And just as Onesimus began a new life of service, I too began. No more running, no more sin. I had been redeemed and set free.


Are you bound by the shackles of the kingdom of sin or freed by the blood of the Crucified Christ? Listen to His words; Come unto me all who are weary and laden with sin and I will give you rest. I chose this path…I hope you will too.

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  1. I to am “freed by the blood of the Crucified Christ” oh what a glorious day it is and I look forward to an eternity with my savior

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