Often the barrenness of our landscape is seen as without merit. But, as you ponder it there is a beauty that can be seen beyond its starkness and you begin to have a view of what our Lord faced for 40 days. It is a beauty of God’s handiwork in that it reflects only what is needed to sustain life for the creatures He has placed there. Each one is perfectly crafted to live in this environment with tough outer skins, special eyelids that keep out the dust and foreign intruders. Their feet are molded to walk on hot dry portions of the desert without being scorched. They can climb the barren rocks and hide in crevices where our peering eyes cannot see them. They gather liquids from the plants that grow and are nourished with the minimal rains that they store until replenished once again from the vital but infrequent rainfalls. It was in this environment Jesus fasted, prayed and was tested by the enemy and came forth as “gold refined in the fire”. He spent time with the creatures of His handiwork and was blessed by their presence. Is this how we see our barrenness? Do we see it as a marvelous introduction to all that God created and see it as “good”?  Or do we sit in our barrenness, be it spiritual or physical, and only see the mirages of water and refreshment? Walk with Jesus in the barrenness and meditate with Him on this beauty where life is quiet and without earthly intrusions. Allow Jesus to walk with you and teach you His truth about Himself, His creation, His plans for you and His love for you. The enemy may come as your intruder into this blessed place but with a Word you can send him into the crevices of darkness away from your eyes and away from your heart. God allows the enemy of temptation, so that you may as Jesus, cling to Him and seek your refreshment from Him. He wants to teach you what can only be taught in the times of barrenness. Will you allow Him this privilege?


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